What is Kundalini Yoga?

The science of yoga has been practiced and has evolved for thousands of years. Traditionally there are eight components, referred to as limbs of yoga, that engage a person’s physical, emotional, psychological, moral and spiritual development. Kundalini Yoga incorporates all eight limbs in each individual class as one moves through warm-up movements, a kriya (set of postures), pranayam (breathwork), mantra (chants), meditation and relaxation.

This style of yoga was developed for the householder, people living full and demanding lives, yet who want greater capacity to fulfill their inner calling. Within each class the opportunity is offered to release stress, awaken awareness, nourish creativity, and connect with your infinite nature.

Kundalini Yoga is known for its potency and practical effectiveness. For many centuries it was guarded as a secret practice that was reserved for the privileged, and it was suppressed and misrepresented. In 1969 Kundalini Yoga was made public in the western world, available to all. It is said that Kundalini Yoga awakens our Soul and liberates us by connecting us directly to Source energy, our intuition and the Universal wisdom that flows within us.

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Meet Theresa

Theresa Banks

Theresa Banks

Dev Atma Kaur

Sacred Essence Kundalini & Yoga is the result of the creative vision of Theresa Banks and her sustaining passion for the healing and transformative powers of yoga, sound and energy. She completed the intensive training to become an IAYT Certified Yoga Therapist. Sacred Essence is the space she holds for others to come to be uplifted, inspired and transformed.

Theresa Banks began her yoga practice in 2003 on Long Island, New York, yet she has traveled frequently to study a variety of yoga traditions, all over the world. Theresa is a 500 hour graduate of the Yoga Teacher Training Institute in Queens, NY, a certified YogaKids Teacher, a graduate of the Shakti School for Women’s Empowerment, and holds a Level 1 and Level 2 International KRI certification in Kundalini Yoga. She is currently in the Training Academy to become a Lead Teacher Trainer through KRI and is a certified teacher of Divine Alignment.

Her love for the healing arts guided her to become an Integrated Energy Therapy Master Instructor as well as being certified in Reiki I and II. She has studied for many years with Gong Master Don Conreaux and with the masterful artist of sound healing, Mike Tamburo.

Theresa Banks fills her classes with love, light and commitment. She is honored to share these amazing ancient teachings with the community and to guide people to reach their fullest potential and inner light.


The love and devotion I feel for this practice is cultivated by the beautiful energy fostered in this studio by its teachers and students. You feel the heightened energy of this spirited community the minute you walk in the door! This practice has given me the courage and strength to step into my Sat Nam.

Anne Oliveri


The lineage of Kundalini yoga goes back thousands of years and is one of learning to live joyfully every day regardless of life’s challenges. Having attended several classes every week over the past five months at Sacred Essence, I can attest to the reality of that statement.

The power of the teachings are made tangible by the grace, sensitivity, and healing natures of the teachers themselves. In particular, Theresa Banks, the owner of the studio and a gifted healer and teacher, imbues the Center with her own heart’s joyful love. This is a very special place.

Barbara Levy

“A beautiful center that is welcoming to all who wish to heal and elevate.

Thanks for creating such a special place.”

Siri Sat Kaur

Sacred Essence is a treasure in the vast sea of yoga studios! Theresa Banks and her dedicated and gifted staff of teachers deliver Kundalini, Hatha, and Vinyasa classes with skill, heart, and commitment. The workshops and Gong Baths are healing and very much needed in our community and world today! I’m happy to be part of this loving and supportive community! Namaste.

Dr. Teresa Wukich

Innate Body Mind Healing

Sacred Essence is a lighthouse to guide us to our best selves – so that we may in turn serve and uplift others.  Come to be elevated and transformed.  Come to find safe haven, a place filled with love and acceptance, a home away from home.

Marni Goldner

“Sacred Essence is an energy vortex and community of people deeply committed to spiritual growth on many levels.

I have known Theresa Banks and some of her team of teachers for years. Theresa is deeply committed to her own path, is a great teacher and healer, and most of all, creates an atmosphere of love and friendship that warms people’s hearts and uplifts their souls.  Simply divine!”

Mata Mandir Khalsa

What a blessing it is to have this beautiful place to come to any/every day of the week to experience the gifts of Kundalini yoga.  Each of the teachers are authentic, warm and welcoming, and each class has the unique ability to both ground and uplift!

Practicing regularly has helped me to be physically and emotionally stronger than I’ve ever been to face life’s challenges.

Eileen Osmers


Sacred Essence is a meditative studio with a growing heart-centered community of Yogis and meditators. I feel at home whenever I arrive and see Dev Atma (owner Theresa Banks) or other staff members at the reception desk.

It’s a great place to practice and a great place to chant!

Gurunam Singh


“Theresa Banks presents the ground breaking, life giving, stress reducing technology of Kundalini Yoga in the most pleasant,  user friendly way possible.

Her classes are an absolute delight…. both fun and transformational!”