When you hold your hands to your heart, what do you feel? It changes day to day, moment to moment, like our lives. Where you are now should be honored, alongside what you’d like to achieve.

Hold space with what you are feeling. Also, acknowledge what you need — whether you’re seeking to de-stress from the office, more patience with family members, a spiritual experience or more vibrant health, kundalini yoga can help get you where you want to go. It’s your journey; when you step on the yoga mat, you learn to use your body, heart and mind to work through different postures designed to challenge the way your body moves and processes stress. Also, each posture is a meditation that helps you learn to open your mind and heart more and more.

This experience incorporates different aspects of many different yogic traditions. In our community, we consider it “the diamond” with the different facets of these traditions creating the most light.

Our community of yogis is warm, kind and focused. Come join us and experience what it’s like to shine brighter.

Sat Nam!