Do you see your attention or the space you hold as a gift? Even though, it’s quiet and might change from day to day, it can be the difference between an “empty” present and one that is full of meaning.
The present you experience and give to others starts with you. “Learn to bless yourself and everything will be blessed around you. Just bless yourself always.” This wonderful quote is from Yogi Bhajan, the teacher who introduced Kundalini Yoga to the United States and whose practice we follow at Kundalini Yoga of Long Island.
Stepping on to the yoga mat is a safe space to start. Through breath work, postures, mantras and meditation, you create an experience where you feel your way through the “boxes” of shame, fear or any trapped negativity you’ve wrapped into your tissues and mental space.
It’s a place to let go, feel safe and become inspired. Enter the creative space where the greatest teachers, artists, athletes and everyday saints live. You are welcome, here.
Our community of yogis is warm, kind and focused. Come join us and experience what it’s like to shine brighter. Sat Nam!