2021 Stabilizing Tool Box


I remember the fire department coming into my elementary school and teaching us to STOP, DROP & ROLL. Well for 2021, I suggest we use this in a little different way:

  • STOP (pause and be still)
  • DROP (into your heart space & connect within) &
  • ROLL (move forward on your path with ease & grace).

Take time to pause, pull your focus within before moving forward with discernment. 

Include self care as part of your daily routine. Here are a variety of ways to do that:

  • Eat high vibrational food and drink lots of water.
  • Practice Kundalini Yoga.
  • Be still, love that you are here for this great new beginning and remember to come into your heart and let soul lead the way.
  • Place your hands over your heart. Breath slowly and sink into your heart space. Enjoy the connection and feel your deep love flowing.
  • Your heart is the container of your soul and holds its greatest essence in your physical body. Continue to come back to that elevated emotion of love, compassion and gratitude.
  • You can immediately create a space of inner calm by closing your eyes and focusing on your breath. Feel the flow of your breath, take in your outer world and release your inner world. The two realities are merging as one within your physical vehicle. Stay here to balance and ground. 
  • Ask the universe, your guides and angels for assistance. Remember this doesn’t mean they will do the work for you; you still need to take action toward manifesting. What you will receive are signs, clues, ideas through your own divine intuition of what steps to take.
  • Inhale mentally vibrate Sat, Exhale mentally vibrate Nam, continue for 1-3 minutes. Make it a walking meditation – with each step of your right foot mentally vibrate Sat, Nam with your left foot. Sat means truth — the reality of one’s existence. Naam means identity. It is a bij (or seed) mantra. Within the seed is contained all the knowledge of the fully grown tree. The essence or seed is the identity of truth embodied in condensed form. Chanting this mantra awakens the soul and gives you your destiny. This mantra balances the five elements (tattvas).
  • Remind yourself that you are in absolute flow with the universal consciousness. You are a part of the all. You are the loving guide of life. Pour love into you and feel the love pour forth from you.
  • Take a moment and observe yourself and the world around you – be still and take it all in. Reflect into the moment and be in awe of your omnipresence.
  • Close your eyes and take a deep breath in and out. Feel every muscle in your body let go and relax. Stay here a moment allowing your breath to take you into presence, where stillness and soul are.
  • Take some time in nature (even if you stand at an open window). Feel the air on your skin. Know that you are part of the greater whole.
  • Pause often and put your hands over your heart and feel soul. Soul is your love, your warmth, your guide and your forever support.
  • Close your eyes and feel the love that you are. Breathe deeply in for a count of 4, hold the breath in for a count of 4, breath out for a count of 4, hold your breath out for a count of 4. With each breath connect with infinite gratitude. Say thank you to your soul and send a loving embrace out to the world. 
  • Meditate, Meditate, Meditate.
  • Ground, center and come within.

Commit to a Daily Spiritual Practice. If you would like to develop a personal daily spiritual practice, please consider working one-on-one with me or through my Journey Inward program. You can find details at www.SacredEssenceYoga.com/healingprogram/

Thank you again for joining me today, it was such an honor to be with you on this important threshold in the history of humanity.

Theresa Banks

I will leave you with this quote from Mirror of Intimacy by Alexandra Karchakis and Tom Bliss:

“Perhaps the greatest achievement and reward in life is being able to maintain an inner state of peace and acceptance in the face of change, to grow our hearts big enough to handle loss, to love and let go, to feel gratitude for what we have now. The law of impermanence might signify that even our knowledge, beliefs and inner states must also change, and perhaps this is how to discover who we really are.” 

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